Dream A Little Dream With Me!
A small Anthology of Music by Dreamer

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    Beyond 2000
  Download (MP3 - 9186k)

After three years of musical idleness, a new track was finally done. "A long time, available tracking software did not satisfy my needs. Looks like things were changing during this time..."

    Teatime At Mrs. Jones 1997
  Download (XM - 486k) Short multichannel tune, some kind of easy listening music. "Last finished tune by me. But don't be afraid, the KABOOM! soundtrack will be finished for sure..."
    Mystical People 1997
  Download (XM - 664k) Released at the Symposium '97, the very same party the Ninjaforce Megademo gained its final success. Last track officially released by Dreamer for a long time. "This was the first finished multichannel module, and still I am not very satisfied with the result. My personal standards have risen, and I think I will come back to doing music seriously when I can afford professional equipment."
    Backspin 1995
  Download (MOD - 24k) This was the soundtrack for Spin's marvellous 64k Intro "Indifference". "Modern compression methods are really fascinatiting: The music was even bigger than the resulting Intro."
    Just Spinning 1995
  Download (MOD - 23k) Track from the last Intro released under the label "Shoot!" by the winning team Spin / Aerosoul / Dreamer (with a guest appearance from Clue who contributed the "Shoot!" logo screen which is also part of Clue's Gimme A Clue graphic collection)
    Dotland 1994
  Download (MOD - 43k) Classic tune from the Ninjaforce Megademo, and one of Dreamer's personal all-time favorites. "This was real team-work: Jesse showed me everything that had been finished until then. I wrote the music, Jesse and Clue timed the demo and I made some corrections in the music-timing myself. When we threw everything together, we all were astounded and really proud of the result."
    Real Kaoz 1994

Download (MOD - 214k)

Fast breakbeats, some jazzy sounds and overall a real chaos. "At that time breakbeat was really popular in our area. In fact Mannheim was the German epicenter of the whole movement. I heard some tracks and did not really like the style. But then I said to myself that it could not be hard to do somethink like that and threw together some random samples. The funny thing about this tune is that it won 2nd place at the Doomday '94 Party module-competition."
    Capitals 1994
  Download (MOD - 54k) Maybe a little avangardistic, but at least not Dreamer's style at that time. "In fact I was just trying out Protracker for the first time, and though I did not liked the program, i finished the tune because at least I liked this part."
    Out Of Memory 1994
  Download (MOD - 116k) This track sounds very similar to Tip & Firefox' "Galaxy II" tune. "Yes, I tried to imitate their styles, so I took some of their samples, and built my personal "Galaxy III". Just think of it as an homage to two of the greatest musicians of the module-scene."
    Maniac Beat 1993
  Download (MED - 27k) This tune was not released before because of the lack of a decent music player for MED-modules on other platforms. "The speciality of this tune is that it utilized MED-Synthsounds, which sound much like standard chipsounds, but with a lot more possibilities to tweak them, which resulted in a far better overall sound."
    Funk In The House 1993
  Download (MOD - 56k) Simple tune, representing the upcoming house-style of that time. "This was my first try in doing some at that time very poular Jazz style. It worked somehow, but this really wasn't my style."
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