Gimme a Clue
by Clue in 1995


This picture is based on a black & white drawing I found in a RPG magazine. I liked it very much, and immediately wanted to port this one to the Apple IIGS.

It also participated in the graphic competition of "The Party V" in 1995, the biggest Amiga/C64/PC demo scene event in the world. It didn't win any prizes, but hey...



With this one I tried out variations on small human faces. It was also a test view for the Vaultage part of the Ninjaforce MegaDemo.

Btw, it definitely proves that a professional 3D RPG could look very well on the Apple IIGS thanks to its multiple palette feature.


Japanese Girl

My first approach to anime style graphics really is nothing special.

The picture is taken from the Manga comics "The Ultimate Teacher".



Another screenshot of what could be a side scrolling jump'n shoot game (think of it as Doom in 2D).

Note: This "game" is not under development by Ninjaforce!



This picture was originally intended to be the logo screen for the Dotland part of the Ninjaforce Megademo.

Unfortunately, Jesse Blue didn't like it, so it was not used. Anyway, here it is!


Cogito Happyland

This screen is a conversion of the Happyland screen from the game Cogito on the Mac.

It comes quite close to the Mac's original format, which was 512 x 386 x 256.


Freeman Shoot

This is a graphic I did for the Amiga demo group "Shoot" for their 40k Intro "Shocked" that competed at a German demo party.

The portrait of the killer is taken from the Manga comic "Crying Freeman". Btw, the graphic looks best when you set the GS border color to light gray.