Ninjaforce wins Demo Competition

We are proud to announce that the Ninjaforce Megademo has been voted "Best Wild Demo" at the Symposium / Mekka '97, the biggest demo party in Germany. Competition was strong, and the final decision was a very close one!

"This was a tremendous moment", said coder Jesse Blue. "To have our demo presented on a big screen in front of a thousand people who know how to value your work was terrific."

The Symposium / Mekka '97 took place at Eastern 1997 in Fallingbostel, a small town south of Hannover. More than 1.000 people spent four days without sleep to have a good party time. The quality of the competitions was high, with lots of excellent demos, graphics and musics.

  Symposium '97 - The Results
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Demo Parties in Europe

Demo parties are a European phenomenon. They have their roots in various hacker and cracker meetings from the glorious days of 8-Bit and 16-Bit computing. People from all over Europe (and nowadays even non-European countries as well) come together to meet each other, show off new productions and have fun with their machines.

Unlike huge public events as the CeBIT, Comdex or the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), demo parties are generally non-commercial and cannot be considered mainstream. Part of the reason for this is the philosophy of the attending people, which are mostly hackers, crackers, coders, computer musicians and graphicians.

The main event of all parties are the so called "compos". These are competitions held to vote for the best demos, musics and graphics, each being divided into several sub-categories like "Amiga Demo", "PC Intro", "C64 Graphics"... The category "Wild Demo" was introduced to open the competition to all systems. In general, this is where to see pre-rendered movies, or video films.