IIGS Demo Scene reviewed
Ninjaforce takes a look at the Apple IIGS demoscene


Xmas Demo by Digital Exodus

  At a time when the best days of the IIGS were already over, a new American group by the name of Digital Exodus appeared.

The intro

  Unfortunately for them, like GS<>IRC, they too did not have a graphic artist, although the overall impression is a lot nicer. The introduction shows the credits and the motto of the group as well as six displays of the sound processor's oscillators.

Menu and 3D animation


Besides the nice real-time 3D animation in the menu, there are only two parts. "Apple Expo West 1993" tells the tale of the two programmers going to the Apple Expo and who they met. "About Digital Exodus" gives some information about the members of the group. "Unreal Flashback" is a very nice colour overlay effect while "Credits" just shows a single screen.


On tour with Digital Exodus

  At that time, it was very encouraging to see skilled programmers emerging from out of nowhere. Too bad that this was their only demo.