Revenge Of The Bobs
Ninjaforce receives worldwide attention

Our very first demo in 1992 got us a lot of feedback and a lot of connections to the USA and Italy. It was first presented at a meeting of the Apple User Group Europe (AUGE) in Frankfurt. It was also the first time Jesse Blue met Clue. From there on, they decided to work together on future Apple IIGS projects.


Back in 1992...

...the graphics and musics were ripped from an Amiga 2000. FTA's Noisetracker was used for playback. Beside the unique intro effect that builds up the logo, the demo features nice bob animations and a scrolltext simultaneously.


Did you know...

... that two third of the disk were filled up with random numbers so that Shrink-It! had a hard time compressing it? This action was taken to prevent the demo being archived and forgotten in some huge software collection – something that had happened to the Picture Ripper before.