Megademo HD Installer

Ninjaforce MegaDemo
Hard Disk Installation Utility

Copyright 1995 Ninjaforce
All Rights Reserved

What It Is

This software will let you run the Ninjaforce MegaDemo from a hard disk.


Copy the files MD.INSTALL and MEGADEMO into a new folder on your hard disk (the volume must be ProDOS formatted, and there must be 1,625k of free disk space). Then launch the file MD.INSTALL. It will place copies of the MegaDemo disks on your hard disk. The demo will be represented by the files NFC.MEGADEMO.D1 and NFC.MEGADEMO.D2.

Launching The Demo

To launch the demo, start the file MEGADEMO from ProDOS 8.

IMPORTANT: You can NOT launch the demo from GS/OS. You MUST boot into ProDOS 8. Do this by holding down the ‘8’ key while booting GS/OS. At the basic prompt, enter ‘BYE’ and press return. Look for the file MEGADEMO and launch it.

Compatibility Notes

Running the MegaDemo from hard disk may cause the music and the flying
stars during the loading sequence to be jerky (depends on your hard
drive/controller). There’s no way around it; solution: Run the demo from floppy instead! <grin>

Also note that the MegaDemo will crash at the main menu if you have a RAM disk installed. This is our fault, sorry! To prevent this from happen, disable your RAM disk.

Finally, be sure you configure your accelerators properly. TransWarp GS users must turn off the AppleTalk IRQ Delay. Same to ZIP GS users; also the Counter Delay must be on.

A Personal Note

Coding the hard disk installer for the MegaDemo was more finding out if it is possible than the actual need for it (except for those with a Superdrive, Blue Disk, etc....). For me, watching the demo on a hard disk is much less fun than running it from floppy disks, it loses cult. When a given operating system of any kind is involved in a demo, coders are forced to follow rules made by other people, which is unhonorable for “real” coders. One element of “coding at the edge” or “on the bare metal” for IIGS demos is definitely a custom OS.

-- Jesse Blue

Contacting Ninjaforce

If you encounter any problems with this software, or just want to chat with us, please feel free to drop us a line.